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Scratched turntable dust cover

How to repair a scratched turntable dust cover

End result


We were quite pleased with the end result, considering the effort we put into it. It especially looks infinitely better than what we’ve started with. That said, it’s still far from perfect. The cover still looks a bit cloudy, and when looking at it up close, you can still see tiny scratches.

Also, when applying the wax, some deeper scratches became apparent again.

Hence, we think we should’ve put more effort into the sanding, and might have needed to use a slightly higher grit in the end, and lower grit to start with.

Our technique has proven to work, but you might need tweak it a bit here and there to get the best end result. Since the unit we tried this on isn’t really worth that much effort, we will leave it at this, which we can still call a very nice result.

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