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Philips 677 HiFi international turntable

We have this item up for auction in our Catawiki store at the time of writing. Starting at $1, no-reserve. This auction ends 4/6/2016.

The Philips 22AF677 Electronic Direct Control, or 677 for short is a turntable from the High Fidelity International line of products by Philips and affiliated companies. It was produced in The Netherlands, around 1979.

Philips 677 HiFi logo
The HiFi international logo on the Philips 677

As an answer to the trend of direct drive turntables, Philips came with Direct Control. Direct control doesn’t refer to the drive mechanism (Philips only made belt-drives), but to the speed control. It uses a tachogenerator on the driveshaft. This resulted in a very stable speed and very low wow-, flutter and rumble values. The entire drive and arm mechanism are fitted in a free-floating subchassis, minimizing interference from external factors.

A nice gimmick that can be seen on a lot of the Philips turntables from the time period, is a stylus force gauge in the arm holder. It can measure from 0.5 to 3 grams. It, however, is not entirely accurate and should not be relied upon.

Philips 677 Stylus force guage
The stylus force gauge on the Philips 677

Another fairly uncommon feature is that the height of the arm lifter is easily adjustable. Very handy when fitting a headshell or cartridge that is higher than the stock unit.

Philips 677 arm assembly
The arm assembly with the height adjustment to the left.


Furthermore, the table has auto-stop functionality, and a anti-skating dial.

  • Wow and flutter: Less than 0,05%
  • Total audible rumble: Less than -65dB
  • Speeds: 33 and 45RPM
  • Weight: 5.8kg
  • Dimensions W x H x D: 41,9 x 13,97 x 34,93cm

Philips AF677 currently up for auction

We have this item up for auction in our Catawiki store at the time of writing. Starting at $1, no-reserve. This auction ends 4/6/2016.

The unit is in working condition, with some cosmetic damage from use over the years. It had a minor problem where the auto-stop mechanism would not work correctly, and the arm directly returned to the armrest. This has been resolved.

The dustcover shows some scratches, as is common with turntables of this age. Furthermore, the plastic base of the unit has warped a bit over the years. Maybe they have used the wrong sort of plastic back in the day? Both of these things do not interfere with the functionality of the unit.

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