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About Vintage tyCoon

What happens when you can combine your work with your hobby? You get Vintage tyCoon! (yes, the name is stylish-ed small letter T large letter C)

My name is Koen and in early 2012 I started my internet marketing company tyCoon Media. The name of the company is based on my name “Koen”, which is pronounced as “Coon” in English. Furthermore it is based on one of my favorite computer game genres. One of my clients noted that the “ty” could stand for “Thank you”, something I hadn’t even thought of.

For all of my life I’ve had a big interest in vintage electrical equipment such as amplifiers, turntables, pinball machines, arcade games, computers and more.

Naturally my interest in computers got me into programming, which led me to start my own internet marketing company.

With the current rise in popularity of vintage audio, I started Vintage tyCoon. My main goal is to create an informative and helpful website around my projects.

What has bothered me is conflicting, outdated or complete lack of information on these old devices on the internet. I intend to gather all info I can, make great photos, and share my own tips and tricks.

Feel free to discuss in the comments!

– Koen