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Stack of turntables

Vinyl lovers: You won’t believe what we found in this attic…

Don’t you ever wish you could go back to the time where everyone was just throwing out their old turntables? Back then considered outdated trash, nowadays considered rare/valuable/good.

I think we all do.

Which is why we were very stoked to get the chance to clear out the attic of a thrift store that went out of business almost 20 years ago. All the treasures were stored in the attic of the shop and left untouched since then. The main floor had been repurposed, and the contents of the attic forgotten about.


While digging through the stuff you’d expect at a thrift store, we found an enormous stack of turntables!

Pioneer turntables
Pioneer turntables

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View the full album here

What did we get?

The owner sold us the whole lot, a total of 42 record players! Akai, Pioneer, Sony, Marlux, Dual, PE, Lesa, Philips, Lenco, Aristona, Goldring, you name it!

Check out the full album for some closeups.

What now?

We will go through, and restore all the players one by one. Being left in a cold attic for 20 years hasn’t been good for them. Most belts are missing, dried or are broken. Some of them have parts missing or are damaged. They will need a lot of work, but they are in the right hands!

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